La "Historia del héroe"

The "Hero's Story"

I have noticed that people who change stages in their lives choose to make a change in their home as well: they build, remodel or redecorate. Couples who are going to live together, those who separate, families who receive a new member, those whose children leave home, etc. They all have something in common, they are looking for a home that adapts to their new reality and makes them feel better.

How do we help them with this?

At Antico Studio we accompany our clients in their process of change, designing their homes and improving their quality of life. We are an interior design studio that not only designs beautiful and functional homes, but we also make each space generate benefits for the emotional health of our clients.

To achieve this, we rely on the principles of Neuroarchitecture that studies the reaction of the brain and neurotransmitters to different environments. In this way, we can know the sensations and effects caused by different shapes, colors, aromas, materials, lighting, etc. in people and select those elements that enhance their capabilities, reduce stress and cause happiness. Thus, we make them feel comfortable in their home and in the stage of their life that they are going through in that place.