Frequent questions

Do you do the labor? Plus

For decoration work we have masters who can carry out the work (upon acceptance of the budget). For remodeling work, we suggest hiring a construction company or similar. If you don't know any, we can quote several for you (we visit the construction company to explain the necessary work), and finally you decide who you want to hire. The deal will be direct between you and the construction company. We provide work monitoring that consists of extensive supervision: we visit the work once or twice a week to verify that everything is progressing according to design and resolve doubts on the ground, we also maintain a permanent chat with the contracted construction company so that they can ask us if they arise. doubts in the week.

Do you do turnkey projects? Plus

We will accompany you during all stages of the project during the implementation, we will help you manage purchases and dispatches and supervise the progress of labor, but we will not be present on the site every day throughout the day, so you must leave someone in charge of opening and closing the teachers.

What are the deadlines in the project? (plus/express)

Plus: The deadlines of a project depend on the number of environments it includes. Normally, the design stages take around 6 to 8 weeks to be completed and the implementation another 8 to 10 weeks (these deadlines count from the start date of the project, which depends on the availability of the study schedule).

Express: Express projects take between 2 and 3 weeks to be ready depending on the amount of environment that the project includes, if you add the design and custom furniture, two more weeks are added (these deadlines count from the start date of the project that depends on the availability of the study agenda).

How do I get a quote? (plus/express)

To quote, fill out the following questionnaire here

What are the opening hours? (plus/express)

Office hours for both administrative staff and design teams are Monday to Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and Fridays from 8:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Is it necessary to include the entire house/apartment in the project? (plus/express)

A. It is not necessary to include the entire property in the project.

Can plus and express advice be combined?

Yes, we can combine both types of advice in the same project, taking into account the limitations of each one (make some environments with plus advice and others with express advice).

What is the difference between plus and express advice?

The plus consultancy is a personalized interior design service for kitchens, bathrooms, barbecue areas and interior decoration for the entire home. Which includes field visits, custom furniture design and support for purchases and implementation of furniture. However, if time is limited and you have a smaller budget, express advice is for you.

What is neuroarchitecture? (plus/express)

Neuroarchitecture is a branch of neuroscience applied to architecture. It is based on scientific evidence that demonstrates how spaces influence the emotions and capabilities of human beings. There are materials, colors, shapes and elements that have already been proven by science to help increase concentration, creativity, reduce stress and/or improve mood.

How can neuroarchitecture benefit me? (plus/express)

All our projects are designed under the principles of neuroarchitecture, therefore, they improve the well-being and quality of life of our clients, since they are spaces designed to enhance their abilities, improve their mood and reduce anxiety and stress. .

Why should I hire Antico Studio? (plus/express)

We are the first architecture studio in Chile that applies neuroarchitecture to residential spaces. With our work you will obtain a space adapted to your emotional, cognitive and functional needs.

We have an orderly design process and an interdisciplinary work team to accompany you at every stage of this. We operate all year round , so your project will never be on standby.

We deliver an invoice or receipt for all sums of money received, which gives order and clarity to your finances. In addition, we offer different payment methods, thus facilitating the completion of your project.

They make custom furniture (plus/express)

Yes, we design and manufacture custom furniture.

Do you work outside of Santiago? (plus/express)

Yes, we carry out projects anywhere in the world.

Can I use express advice for bathroom and kitchen designs?

You can hire express advice for bathroom and kitchen decoration (contact us for a quote). If what you need is to remodel bathrooms and kitchens, only apply the plus advice.

Can I reuse furniture I already have?

Yes, you can reuse the furniture you have. We adapt and provide a design according to said furniture.

Do they adapt to other types of styles?

Yes, we adapt to any style, always complying with the principles of neuroarchitecture, seeking to focus on our client's feelings, functionality and well-being.

Will Ana Antico be in my project?

Ana will be present in the plus projects, working hand in hand with the architects and leaders who will have the responsibility of making your project a reality, with designs, meetings and choice of materials.

Do they fit my budget?

At Antico Studio we adapt to the budget you have in mind, always looking for the best alternative in quality and price, this to make your desired project possible.

What does the field visit consist of? Express

Site visits within the express advisory service have an additional cost and you can request them through this link

What does the field visit consist of? PLUS

In the plus consultancy, being a more personalized service, field visits in Santiago are included in the benefits. This is in order to precisely understand the client's needs, verify the progress of the work and resolve queries in the field.

To what level of detail do you go with the design?

We help the person land their ideas and see their feasibility. The color palette, textures and style to work with are chosen according to your tastes and the objectives for said environment. Therefore, we offer different proposals that facilitate the visualization of the future space, such as: layout delivery, custom furniture plans and photomontage of the environment.

How many modifications can I make?

Modifications can be made during stage two (design and detail). However, once this stage is over, no changes can be made to the design.

Will you accompany me to visit stores?

No, all purchases made by the person who enjoys our services will be online where we will provide an itemization of all the products to be purchased, support during the purchase and dispatch of said products.