Fiestas patrias: Tres ideas para aprovechar al máximo la terraza

National holidays: Three ideas to make the most of the terrace

Without a doubt, the National Holidays are one of the most important or anticipated festivities for Chileans, since there are several days off that many decide to enjoy with family and friends, around typical dishes and entertaining activities. Although many people decide to travel, others stay at home, privileging rest and spending time with their loved ones.

In this context, Antico Studio explains that terraces take on an important role and there are tips to take advantage of them accordingly. “People who want to make changes or fix their terraces should do so now, as there are 4 weeks left to do it on time. In most cases they are subtle changes, since they are details such as touching up the paint, fixing any defects in the floor, improving the grass or plants, among other things,” highlights Ana Antico, architect and founder of the studio.

Comfortable and flexible space: In general, people like to have tidy spaces, especially in the living room or terrace, since they are more exposed to being seen by third parties (visitors, for example). At this point it is important that order is maintained on the terraces, but also having “flexible” areas, which adapt to different needs. In the case of the celebration of National Holidays, in general a larger space is needed to eat more comfortably, to dance or do family activities.

In addition, the architect highlights the role that neuroarchitecture has in terms of taking advantage of space, lighting or sound when building a terrace or remodeling it. “Neuroarchitecture seeks to design spaces taking into account how the physical environment can intervene in people's experience and well-being from a neurological perspective,” explains Ana and gives three tips to make the most of the terraces during the September 18 celebrations:

- Good lighting: In September we already enjoy more spring-like weather and we have greater clarity in the afternoons due to the time change. In any case, it is recommended to have spotlights or special lighting in areas such as terraces or balconies, to have better visibility when talking or eating, for example, especially when it starts to get dark. “The celebrations generally last into the night and for security reasons it is key to have good lighting. Soft and warm lights, such as lanterns, luminous garlands or candles, can be incorporated to create a cozy and festive atmosphere during the night hours,” highlights Ana Antico.

- Decorative elements: To celebrate appropriately, a recommendation is that people give a festive and patriotic touch to their terraces, with decorations related to the National Holidays. Bunting, garlands, iconic colors and elements that represent local culture can be used to create an authentic and welcoming environment for both family and friends.

With these tips, everyone will be able to enjoy the National Holidays in their homes to the fullest, appropriately taking advantage of the different spaces, especially the terraces that become protagonists of the spring and summer season.